A few words about “Rat Rods”.

If you really want to insult me, I mean like punch-you-in-the-mouth levels of insult, then by all means call my Model A or my ‘46 a “rat rod”. Rat rods are ugly, shitty, often dangerous clown cars - they are NOT hot rods. 

The hot rod aesthetic is based on racing - all the classic alterations from a stock vehicle come out of the desire to go faster. Removing fenders to lighten the car, lowering to improve stability at high speed, chopping a top to lessen wind resistance, and even a big/little wheel/tire combo to improve rear end gear ratios.

Notice I didn’t say anything like “knobby truck tires” or “lots of skulls” or “a mailbox for an air cleaner”.

Real hot rods are made to be driven. They should not only look cool, they should be “cool” - as in able to get on the highway and drive 500 miles without overheating. They should be able to handle a curvy road, and stop at a stoplight.

If you can’t drive your “rat rod” over a speed bump, you don’t have a vehicle, you have an art statement. An ugly-ass art statement.

In closing, please don’t use the “R-Word” around me.